In the warmth of the black blanket In the safety of the golden silence In the wisdom of red loneliness He spoke   Whispers of sharp daggers Screams from cursed tongues Myths from… Continue reading

My God

Lime green fingers stroke my toes Silver waves whisper to my ears Golden lips touch my eyes As the black blanket of freedom wraps its arms around me. I am the only life… Continue reading

More Than A Picture

(PS: If you prefer LISTENING to pieces, here you go¬† I’ve captured bits of my life in poetry before. But it seems like the truth gets choked by imagery and dies in the… Continue reading

My Will

If Tomorrow dies before I do Wrap me in black linen of truth Tilt my face to kiss the skies Mourn Tomorrow, for I did not die   If Tomorrow dies before I… Continue reading


No army boots No guns No gas masks But I promise you, This is a movement tougher than any. We serve to remind YOU of a feeling killed by tears Killed by death… Continue reading

Welcome To Love

I arrived here on a sunny afternoon in March They said there was great opportunity here To “paint portraits of moments with a red shade of emotion” one lady told me. To “find… Continue reading

Bedroom Rainbows

There’s shades of Black and grey There’s blinding yellows that are here to stay There’s a dash of greens peeking from the corner There’s nude browns tangled together There’s Hazel browns and Deep… Continue reading


I’ve tried. Many days I’ve tried to capture your essence and lock it up in my words. To align my words to trace out your beauty and carry it out to the world… Continue reading

He Left.

Weeping souls Singing ghouls White streets where demons stroll Kings and queens beg and crawl A fountain of hate Love was killed and hope arrived late Drink, pain’s create Greed swoops in and… Continue reading


When reality gets cold Desperation is the marketplace where souls get sold Feeding on loneliness; nothing to hold Kneeling at the toes of tears; confidence folds. Chanting mantras of war Ten for each… Continue reading