I was the voice you chose not to hear I was the smile that hid the storm of tears I was the expired life I was your daily strife I was your greatest… Continue reading

Soul Thoughts #2

This thing called LOVE! I’m a hopeless romantic as is evident in many of my pieces. I believe in ‘the one’! I believe in being able to have a connection with one person that is… Continue reading

Yet We Remain Silent.

My pride displaced The day I got raped He attacked my waters like a Somali pirate And against my hips he did forcefully gyrate I still taste his sweat in my palate Invading… Continue reading

This Shade, My Shade.

Listen to this SISTAH Listen as she lets you in a little deeper Listen as she shows you the story that made her Listen as she shows you the brightest dark Listen as… Continue reading


My heart beats in rhythm to the African drum Through my eyes you can see the glistening African sun My beads arranged meticulously around, on and between my breasts Each shape, each size… Continue reading


Never Belonged Assumed the stranger’s role for a while now prolonged Drank and did more harm to the poison than it to me Smoked and addicted to me was the nicotine Watched the… Continue reading

Soul Thoughts #1

Hey Everyone!! Finally I’ve joined the ‘blogosphere’!!! As well as posting some of my work, I love the fact that i’ll also be sharing my SOUL THOUGHTS!!!These are the most abstract forms of… Continue reading


A proud goddess is what she’s destined to be A vision that is depicted in Zarina From the curves of her hips To the intellect that escapes her lips From her glistening skin… Continue reading


In your possession I leave my heart In it you’ll find an endless supply of love Beneath the folds of its arteries Lays a nutritious emotion that is only yours to serve My… Continue reading


I’M ETHNOCENTRIC The light in my brightest days is black A color whose history is interesting to track I’m oblivious to the talk about black being whack In my world those are just… Continue reading