We’re all on this quest for happiness

That’s what life is about right?

To find happy and be happy in the shortest time possible.

Happiness hides behind the shadows of noise


I let her embrace me in viscous lovers and empty friendships.

I let her dine with my thoughts and kill my love

I let her because I fear having a sultry love affair with silence.

What if I get lost in its happiness?


Its clarity scares me because that’s where I’ll find the truth

Its open fields might force me to love loneliness

It has one songs, one beat; my voice. And I might start to dance to it and never stop

I might, in its open fields realize what love truly is, worse yet, I might find it. Love.

I may discover the colors of unspoken words and make rainbows with them

I might find what I let the past misplace – myself

Adelle Onyango