Because lying is too mainstream.

Adelle Onyango

I found myself this year. January 3rd to be precise.

There’s many things to lose yourself in. Us ladies, we like loosing ourselves in relationships. That’s what I did. You tell yourself that you’re being a good woman by putting him and everything else before you. That’s the greatest plate of bullshit this world has fed us. And we feasted on that dish.

January 3rd I found myself.

Found in a monologue of someone almost running away with my stuff. A monologue from a tribute to black girls. And underneath rows of words and sentences of emotion, there I was. About to become someone’s stuff. Yes, me. A kaleidoscope of color turned grey. There I was.

So I promised myself and decided, I needed to fall in love with myself and maybe if the next saw how I loved me – they would learn how to love me and love me right. Actually, fuck “right” – love me the way I want to be loved. Yeah that’s more like it.

2014 has been an amazing year so far. I have reconnected with like-minded souls whom I loved before I lost myself. I’ve tackled fear and now I’m doing everything I want to do JUST because I want to and just because I CAN.

Protect and Celebrate the individual.