I Laughed When I Died

c I laughed when I died. It wasn’t a laughter drenched in jealousy as though Karma had put up one of her stellar performances. No. It wasn’t a laughter that forced its way… Continue reading

Murder She Wrote.

It’s that grey after a state of emergency Was declared in a once green state. They were welcomed in And draped in red robes of love There were chants of hymns And whispers… Continue reading


We’re all on this quest for happiness That’s what life is about right? To find happy and be happy in the shortest time possible. Happiness hides behind the shadows of noise Noise I… Continue reading


The masses are ill A virus where life is killed I and I feel I and I scream free   One voice is the new bullshit order There is beauty in noise Beauty… Continue reading

Because lying is too mainstream.

I found myself this year. January 3rd to be precise. There’s many things to lose yourself in. Us ladies, we like loosing ourselves in relationships. That’s what I did. You tell yourself that… Continue reading

Hold Her Whole.

Parts make whole Hold Me now as forever lets go More Is seen when less is blind Find That which never hides My Being is all parts that make whole. Hold Me between… Continue reading

The Vagina Awoke

  Brown canvas. Black round stories. His nails dug holes in my stories. Numb. She let him. I didn’t want fingers lathered in lies fondling my pages. But she. She was numb. High.… Continue reading

I’m scared.

I’m scared. I think this post is inspired by CHILDISH GAMBINO’s real instagram posts and my life in the last coupla days. I’m scared I let myself down. That I live forgiven but… Continue reading

She said. I am.

  I’m a rebel without a cause Moving through the shadows Searching for the light. Soles map the route As palms greet the walls Because eyes shut reveal the best sight.   I’m… Continue reading

Fuck Off.

  It woke me up Brought me back The voices Harmony of emotions Fuck what they think. I replied, fuck off.   So I stayed as he strayed And hide behind drapes Of… Continue reading